The Word Most People are Afraid Of

what is that word you ask? it is of course Death. i was just driving today when it suddenly hit me. what awaits me when the cold clasp of death grabs me by the throat and pull me out of this earth? have you thought about this before? this isnt the first time i have thought about death. what happens to me? where would i go? is there such thing as reborn? will i remember anything if i am reborn? thinking about these things just gives me goosebumps. sends a tingly feeling through my body, making me feel uncomfortable and afraid. call me a coward, i dont care. i AM afraid to die. no matter how young or how old, i think i will never be ready for it.

But i will be better after calming myself down by taking deep breaths and thinking of what to do next. This thought, thought of death, has set my goal in life. my goal in life is to leave a legacy to all who had known me or who wants to know me, or people who dont know me at all. A Legacy, big word no? lol. but thats my biggest aim in life. how and what do i want to leave behind you ask? honestly, i havent figured it out yet. but hopefully, the path would be in front of me, obvious enough for me to take it. and obviously, the "death" thought has also made me appreciate life more. what i have, and of course, what i want.

death is an unnerving thought for most. its eerie, its inconclusive and its just something we all have to deal with someday. hopefully a day far, far, far in the future. some people call it the sweet release of death. i tell them, ask death to stay away from me, thanks.
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